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A community of dedicated and driven creative entrepreneurs who come together to build and grow their creative businesses.

obsessed with outcomes

You won't find another community like this one

The Society of Independent Creators combines community, courses, challenges, events, and more in one place.
The goal is simple: support creators in building and growing their businesses so that they can work on their passions full-time.

Outcome 1:

a community of creators

The community is full of content creators, coaches, entrepreneurs, founders, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and creative individuals.While our industries may differ, we share a common desire: to do the work we love on our own terms.We all are building our own "bespoke creative businesses" that support the work we want to do in the way that works best for us and our lifestyle.

Outcome 2

community events

Seth Godin defines communities as "people like us who do things like this".

In the Society, we are actively building and growing our bespoke creative businesses to achieve specific results. For example:

• leave the 9-5 job
• create financial independence
• have an impact on the world with our work

Our events support these big goals by compressing decades of learning into days of active building.

The Build Event:

The 10k Challenge

Build your Bespoke Creative Business in this two-week, six-session challenge.The Goal: A business with 10k email subscribers, and a full-time revenue (e.g. $10k per month)The first event took place in January, 2023, and the recordings of the event are available to all Society members.Included with the session recordings is a self-paced course with over a dozen supporting lessons with extra videos, resources, and action items to help you make progress every day.

The Grow Event:

the 10k summit

A two-day workshop to grow the business you build in the 10k Challenge.We take the work you've done and optimize and maximize the systems to get your outcomes faster.The first 10k Summit will take place in Summer, 2023.

Outcome 3:

group coaching

A small community means more personal attention to your business.Inside the community, we have daily posts to help you strengthen the weak parts of your business, weekly accountability check-ins, and monthly live calls to help you overcome the obstacles you encounter.You also get access to every workshop recording, the courses, and access to others on the same path as you.


Each day there are new posts around topics like mindset, audience building and awareness, email systems, engagement, marketing, sales, product ecosystem, and optimizing your business.


Each week we tackle the obstacles that are holding back members from reaching their desired outcomes and do deep dives into individual businesses to help them get unstuck.


Each month we do a live video call check-in to help with accountability and progress

Thoughts from a few of our members:

Meet the founder

Daren Smith

I founded Craftsman Creative in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic to help my artist and creator friends who were struggling to make ends meet.After 15 years running creative businesses - including producing three feature films - I have a knack for strategy, systems, frameworks, and principles, and how to apply them to grow bespoke businesses that fit the needs of the creators behind them.I built the Society in 2022 to further support creators. I've built three $10k/month businesses since the start of the pandemic, and work as an international film producer - I practice what I preach.I'm a 3X self-published author, and have experience growing businesses of all kinds - film production, music, YouTube, Podcasts, content, coaching, consulting, agencies, and now community.Whatever you need help with, I'm here to help.

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